Monday, August 16, 2010

L 2.10

Loftus says that the Christian moralist and the atheist moralist are on equal grounds, especially in the context of the theistic conception of natural law since it is accessible to everyone. In that sense, the atheist has just as good of a moral insight as the Christian. In Philosophy: Christian Perspectives for the New Millennium, J. Budziszewski cites Judge Richard Posner in asserting that the relativist (in this case, the atheist) believes that morality is local rather than universal. Indeed, Loftus confirms this on p. 41 when he says that morality is relative but differs in that morality can be known by everyone. In response to Posner, Budziszewski accurately points out that "something which is not right for all cannot be known to all". In other words, Posner is not in agreement with Loftus. Ironically, both are acceptable from a non-theistic standpoint. This is a great example of how non-theistic morality is the equivalent of building castles in the air.

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