Friday, August 27, 2010

L 3.9

On the subject of God’s method for revelation, Loftus says "if God chose to reveal himself in the past, he chose a poor medium and a poor era in the ancient superstitious past to do so". (p. 61)

First, Loftus is using a ridiculous standard to ascertain the existence of God. Any era is ancient and superstitious when looked at from the future. Even contemporary scientific methods will be outdated as they are constantly refined. We know that in regards to intent, it has been demonstrably shown that the Bible has been faithfully transmitted. Also, his application of this standard assumes that God isn’t still revealing Himself to us today. It has already established in the preceding post that He does still reveal Himself. Aside from general revelation, Biblical revelation is just one avenue of special revelation. So, God is working in other ways that supplement revelation in the Bible.

Second, use of the word poor requires smuggled-in authority in that the observer is assuming an omniscient vantage point. Clearly, this isn’t the case. There is no way for any person to know that there isn’t an ultimate purpose in how revelation has occurred.

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