Monday, September 27, 2010

L 5.8

Theists should remember that if you are looking for something, you don’t solicit help from someone who is already biased against it’s existence. Non-theists commenting on God’s existence are probably not a good source for truth on the matter because they aren’t looking for God to exist. Granted, non-theists would likely say that they aren’t looking because they have already looked and discovered that God doesn’t exist. As I have stated before, that is something no person can substantiate. No person possesses the kind of knowledge necessary to know that God does not exist. So, the non-theist stance on God’s existence should eliminate their testimony from the pool of viable options.


Anonymous said...

Tell ya what, one of the problems I have with your blog is the white text on black.

trae norsworthy said...

i've read that the white text on dark background is easier to read on monitors but, i guess it's preference. i'll definitely experiment. thanks for the suggestion.