Thursday, October 21, 2010

L 5.20

Loftus expounds on the subject of actual infinites when he responds to a comment by William Lane Craig who says that actual infinites aren’t possible, although potential infinites are. If God were counting down from infinity to zero, God, being eternal, would have finished in the infinite past. Yet, if God is counting down from infinity, God would never reach zero. Loftus says that “He [Craig] cannot say that she has always been counting and that she has never been counting”. (p. 85) That’s not what Craig is saying. It’s not that God has never been counting. It’s that God finished in the infinite past since God is Himself infinite. If God is counting down to zero, God has to finish at some point but, if God is counting from an infinite number, He can’t ever finish. This shows the absurdity of actual infinites.

Also, Loftus stresses that Craig’s conception goes against the mainstream. What Loftus isn’t admitting is that it isn’t a crime to go against the mainstream. Surely, Craig isn’t the only person with this stance. Plus, the mainstream has been wrong before. To support his case, Loftus quotes David Ramsay Steele who says that “things begin to exist without any cause all the time.” It’s disappointing that Loftus doesn’t specifically state what can exist sans cause. Perhaps Loftus is referring to virtual particles but, even they don’t come from nothing. In fact, nothing comes from nothing. Everything in the universe has a cause and thus, it’s existence warrants explanation. Steele is either misleading or misled.

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